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BERNARDELLI COLLECTION FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th, 2024 Italian and foreign coins and medals, “Bernardelli Collection” E-Live Auction.…


In addition to the traditional buying and selling activities, since 1984, we have also been involved in Auction Houses, becoming one of the main points of reference for collectors who regularly attend our sales events.

Our catalogues, meticulously designed in appearance and content, are distributed for free to thousands of enthusiasts; for this reason, we are confident that we can guarantee you the maximum market realization.

Our auctions always offer very diverse material in terms of period, metal, and value, so that every collector can find something in our proposals….


We are able to appraise Italian coins from the Middle Ages to Vittorio Emanuele III


We estimate individual specimens and entire collections. We also handle inheritance divisions.


For those interested in creating numismatic works, Varesi Srl offers itself as a publisher, covering printing costs and ensuring proper valorization and distribution.


Our auctions generally take place in spring and autumn, the two most typical periods for this type of sale. We are always interested in acquiring valuable numismatic material (even individual pieces) to include in our upcoming auctions or to purchase through direct and confidential negotiations.

International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN)

We are members of IAPN, the most exclusive international numismatic association with about 130 members worldwide (only 7 in Italy).

National Registry of Professional Numismatists and Experts – ANPE

Registered in the National Registry of NIP Experts and Experts RENNPE.

Italian Professional Numismatists N.I.P.

Varesi Numismatica Srl is associated with N.I.P., an association formed in 1993, which includes many of the leading professional numismatic dealers in Italy who have been operating for decades, providing their expertise and numismatic competence.


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